Heaven Is For Real – For Realzees

Heaven is for real - for realzees

I recently read that the book “Heaven Is For Real” has been made into a movie with the same title.  “Heaven Is For Real” describes a visit to heaven by a four year old boy, Colton Burpo, who had a near death experience during an emergency appendectomy.   In the months following his appendectomy Colton related to his parents a number of events he witnessed during his visit to heaven.  For instance he describes looking down from above (it’s always from above and never from below) and seeing the surgeon operating on him, and seeing his pastor dad praying in the waiting room.  Shocking, I know.

I have to admit that I have not read the book as my choice of fiction resides in stories that are at least plausible.  Be that as it may, when I read the blurb about the movie/book I was struck by the fact that four-year old Colton reported that he met his miscarried sister in heaven.  It turns out that his mother did indeed have a miscarriage (gender unknown), and the parents maintain that they never discussed this with their son.  Hallelujah, heaven is for real, for realzees!  This is FANTASTIC NEWS in more ways than one!

The best part of this revelation by Colton is that the anti-abortionists can now relax; they have lost their raison d’être.  All those aborted clumps of cells and fetuses are very much alive and well in heavenFrom paying studious attention to Fox news I have deduced that the vast majority of anti-abortionists are religious folks.  Those who have read this book are surely rejoicing and retiring their placards.  Those who are still fighting on the frontlines are either not true believers or have obviously not read the book.   I encourage those anti-abortionists who have not read the book to do so post haste (or at least see the movie).  The awareness that a miscarried fetus survives as a child in heaven will surely provide them with a great deal of comfort, and enable them to avoid the stress of having to picket abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood.  It’s a win-win for everybody.

By the way, have you ever noticed that rarely does anyone visit hell when they have near-death experiences? Here are the books on near-death experiences and life after death currently on sale on Amazon.  Nary one describes a descent into hell.   Hey, that’s give me an idea for a book.  When I experience my near-death experience, which may be next Tuesday by the way, I will be sure to visit hell and report back my experiences.  I wonder if it is anything like Dante’s Inferno?  God I hope so.  That would be such a juicy autobiography to write.  The book and subsequent movie adaptation of my journey into hell will surely be huge commercial successes.  I, like the Burpo family, will be set for life.  There is a great deal of money to be made with near-death experiences!

As to the cinematic translation of “Heaven Is For Real”, it appears to be a bit unusual with respect to recent Christian movies such as “God Is Not Dead”.  “Heaven Is For Real” was actually produced by an honest-to-goodness Hollywood studio (SonyPictures), so the production should be quite high.  Also, unlike the other current Christian theatrical release “The Son of God” “Heaven Is For Real” has bonafide actors, such as Greg Kinnear and Thomas Hayden Church.  Here is a clip of this soon-to-be-classic of the cinema:

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