Creationists – forgive them for they know not what they speak


I must admit that I haven’t paid much attention to the creationism-evolution debate between Bill Nye “the Science Guy” and Ken Ham “the anti-Science Guy” because these debates are fruitless and akin to watching a car wreck. As well, these debates provide a false sense of equivalency between these two ways of regarding the world when in reality they do not belong on the same page. A creationist debate, for me, would involve debating which is a better creation myth – the Christian myth or the Maori creation myth. I would pay to see that – actually nah, I wouldn’t. In any case, I was minding my own creation-evolution debate business when I came across this video of the three wise-men (er, creationists) of the apocalypse – Terry Mortenson, Eric Hovind, and Paul Taylor – dissing Bill Nye and praising Ken Ham – go figure.

The first bit of the video is hilarious. In this part of the video Eric Hovind is crushing on Ken Ham, pointing out how he was strong in the question and answer part of the debate. What was the source of his strength you may ask? Why you see the fundies, well they have a book, a book, they have a book, dammit! A book with all the answers! Case closed. He is no doubt referring to the bible. But if Ken Ham was born in Karachi the book would undoubtedly be the Quran. Or if Ken was born in Delhi, the book would be the Bhagavad Gita or the Ramayana. It is wonderful that they can have such confidence in material that was written over decades or centuries, by countless authors, more than 2 millenia ago. They put their (blind) faith in a book that has nothing to say about genes, or the big bang, or germ theory, or even kangaroos for chrissake, and they use that to trump decades of accumulated evidence because they can’t, or refuse to, understand the science.

Later on in the video we watch as Terry Mortenson spouts a bunch of nonsense. By the way, I bet Momma Mortenson is sure proud that her son refers to her as pond scum! Mortenson conjoins a purposeless universe with humans having no source of morality. This is the lie that fundies like to tell themselves – that without god there can be no morality. It is bullshit, of course. If you want to read more about this lie you can read my previous post on the topic. He also botches evolutionary theory – for once and for all, survival of the fittest does not mean the one with the biggest dick gets the girl (ok, maybe its true in porn) – fitness does not equate to strength you creationist bozos! By the way, I would be interested to hear Mortenson explain how humans spread into and transform the territory ruled by his lion.

The video makes clear that fear, and fear of death in particular, is the fuel that ignites the religious mind.

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