Heaven and Hell

heaven and hell brochure cover

I arrived home the other night and found a Heaven or Hell Pamphlet attached to my door handle, likely delivered by a good Christian fellow, describing heaven and hell and how to get to heaven and avoid going to hell. This was just a couple of days after the Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet. Holy proselytizing batman! I wonder why atheists such as myself are speaking up; and when we speak up we are labeled militant! Good grief. I (and we atheists) shall not remain silent when this kind of crap is being bandied about.

In the inside of the pamphlet the writer describes his personal experience of hell – darkness, and eternal anguish – sounds like a bad acid trip to me. How do you get to hell? Well, as far as I can tell, you just need to be a real, honest-to-goodness human being – you know, one who is born into sin. That concept of Christianity is one of the most disgusting concepts ever devised by humans. I can’t imagine the amount of guilt and repression that must foster in believers. All I can say is thank god I am an atheist, I don’t have to suffer such guilt for simply being human.

Further on in the pamphlet he goes on to describe how you can get to heaven. Not surprisingly you can avoid this eternal hellish experience by simply accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour as he did; he took the hand of Jesus and was awashed in bright light and eternal bliss. You see, God sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus (wait, aren’t we all God’s children?) to forgive us our sins. But wait, isn’t Jesus also God? So God sacrificed himself, but not really since he is God and can’t really die – some sacrifice huh?

So in a nutshell if you don’t believe in God, or are born in a non-Christian country, or you have intimacy with the wrong gender, or eat the wrong food. or wear clothes of mixed fabric, or work on Sunday you will be consigned to hell for all eternity. You are given a test period of less than 100 years and if you fail you will be damned for ALL ETERNITY! But God is love! This is pure Christinsanity.

Dear reader, do you think people really believe this nonsense? I think a lot of believers accept this at face value without really thinking it through. Jesus’ sacrifice for our salvation is fundamental to Christinsanity, so you have a (set) of religion(s) built on a foundation of nonsense (ooh, I’m being one of those militant atheists) – ugh!

To close out this post, I will describe my own experience of heaven and hell. Growing up in the 70s and 80s I was (and continue) to be a big fan of Black Sabbath, both versions (Ozzie and Ronnie). Here is my experience of heaven and hell:

Here is an amazing cover by Motion Device – a young band from a small town (Bolton) in Ontario, Canada (represent!).

And here is Ronnie James Dio describing what heaven and hell truly is.

Seems sensible, doesn’t it? Much more so that the nonsense that is Christinsanity.

As an aside, I recently watched the documentary “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne” and at the end we see Ozzy praying at his personal altar. Apparently Ozzy is a member of the Church of England and prays before every show. Who knew?

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