Bad News – Good News

A recent Rasmussen national telephone survey asked  1,000 Americans across the country about whether they observed the religious aspects of Easter (e.g., going to Church), as well as the secular aspect of Easter (Easter egg hunt).  Three of the seven questions related to the story of Jesus – whether they believed Jesus was real, whether he died for our salvation, and whether they believed Jesus arose from the dead.

For the question of whether people believed Jesus arose from the dead the survey says (drum roll):  Astoundingly (or maybe not so astoundingly), the survey revealed that 64% of respondees believe that Jesus violated all known laws of physics and arose from the dead (what o’ what are they teaching kids these days).  This is very bad news indeed – approximately 2 out of every 3 Americans engage in magical thinking!  But it is also not surprising as America has struggled with this particular affliction (magical thinking) since the birth of the nation.  

Rasmussen report 2013

Rasmussen report showing that 64% of Americans engage in magical thinking.

Now do not get discouraged my good reader – the news is not all bad.  The same poll conducted last year showed that 77% of respondees to the national phone survey indicated that Jesus did indeed arise from the dead – calling into question all of our physics.  So over the course of 1 year we see a significant decline in magical thinking.  If we were to extrapolate based on these data all of this magical thinking will disappear by the year 2018 :-).  Awesome!  Just in time for mid-term elections.  I look forward to the Congress class of 2018.

Trend in right direction

A trend in the right direction

As an aside (but related), I find the concepts of original sin and salvation through human sacrifice to be some of the most odious ideas ever dreamt up by humankind.  Original sin is ostensibly shaming for being, well, human.  The concept, as related in the Bible, makes no sense.  Adam and Eve did not know good from evil until eating from the tree – so they were ignorant of any crime but they were cast out of the garden, and humankind besmirched, for all eternity by an omniscient god that would have known that was going to happen.  Right.  But wait, we need an out.  So along comes J.C., who is the son of god (and also god…right), and he is willing to sacrifice himself for mankind’s salvation.  But since he is god, he can’t die and he knows everything, so he knows he’s going to be okay.  So ask yourself, what kind of sacrifice is that really?

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