Religidiot of the Week – Steve Harvey

The Religidiot of the Week title goes to Steve Harvey, who continues to spout his religious bigotry.

Previously I wrote about Harvey’s take on atheists, where he dismisses atheists as idiots and couldn’t understand why a woman would date a man who doesn’t believe in god. Harvey continued this line of bigotry during an interview by Al Sharpton at the recent Essence Festival in New Orleans. Harvey has established an organization (The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation) to mentor young African-American children, which is much needed and is a noble cause. But Harvey is a bigot and so couldn’t help himself when the interview got around to his definition of manhood. Here is a clip of the interview where Harvey stakes out his manhood turf.

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“Real men go to church, real men love god…”. There you have it, male atheists are not real men. This from a man who has interviewed the First Lady for crying out loud! Why isn’t he brought to task for this kind of rhetoric? It is likely due to the fact that America is largely Christian and it probably doesn’t register as bigotry for most Americans. But it is bigotry. Can you imagine if he said only black men are real men? But that is exactly what he is doing when he says only Christian men are real men. I wonder if he extends this definition to Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Scientologists etc. Or is the ‘not-real-men’ definition restricted to atheists?

Here is another example of his bigotry towards non-believers:

Check out the uncomfortable and nervous laughter of the host (Tyra Banks); yet she doesn’t call him on this bigoted statement. Can you imagine the uproar if he said “…he tells you he is a Jew you need to pack it up and go home.” That would not be tolerated, and neither should his bigoted rhetoric about atheists.

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  • daisybear

    Funny thing…I DIDN’T do what Steve Harvey suggests. When I found out the man I was dating was an atheist, I kept dating him! By now, we’ve been married for almost 20 years. Despite Harvey’s claims that an atheist would have no moral barometer, my husband has always been a caring, honest man, who would never hurt another human being. And, just like one of Harvey’s “real” men, he works hard, supports his family, and is a wonderful father. Guess some of Harvey’s theories are a bit flawed!!!