Stop the Madness – The Bible is a Work of Fiction and Not Science

Apparently the Bible is ‘tabula rasa’, a document so devoid of any real content that you can write unto it any crazy stuff that you want.  The most recent proponent of this is Daniel Friedmann, an  engineering physicist by training and a bat-shit crazy by constitution.  Dr. Friedmann also happens to run Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates, the Canadian aerospace company that built the robotic arm that is used on the space shuttles. Friedmann is also  now known as a ‘Bible Decoder’, you know, like Dan Brown the hack author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

Friedmann has written ‘The Genesis One Code’ with the lofty aim of reconciling the Bible (and creation myth) with Science (you know, the engine for the discovery of truth and knowledge). The good part for him is that you really can squeeze any story out of the Bible, it being a vast, complex, complicated fictional creation story. All he needs is a decoding ring. And he delivers. He comes up with a fudge factor, 2.6 billion years, to align the timescale represented in the Biblical origin myth, with the age of the Universe as developed by the careful application of the Scientific Method.
As he elaborates in an interview with the Toronto Star, “…once you get the timelines to correlate — I believe nobody has done that before — and then you go back into the how in the Bible, then that’s the part that really blows my mind.” Lo and behold, he finds exquisite precision between the two! Imagine that? Glory be to god!

In the Star interview he touches on a number of other topics, where his conclusions are no less bat-shit crazy. He contends in the interview that the soul delivers to humans the ability to speak and to envision the future! Not a developed brain mind you, but the soul. I guess that he has found in his extensive research into the matter of the soul and speech production that the soul resides in Broca’s Area.

Cartoon of Brain and Broca's Area

Broca’s Area – Critical for speech production.

Further along in the interview he makes the audacious statement that speech and the ability to envision the future” lead to “…painting and art and things that in an evolutionary context are completely useless. From this statement I assume he is a qualified evolutionary biologist or an anthropologist; is he? I suspect not, because anyone trained in the sciences and scientific method would not make such a claim and be satisfied. They might explore, for example, whether social activities (for example, art or sports) can be meaningful in bringing communities together. And whether this may confer survival benefit given that humans require community to maximize survival. Wouldn’t these types of notions be worthy of research rather than concluding that art is not useful from an evolutionary perspective ergo god?

Alas, Friedmann makes clear that he is not trained in the Scientific Method as he flatly states that “God interfered and did something miraculous” in what is known as the Cambrian explosion which occurred around 500 million years ago and signaled the appearance of most of the major animal phyla over a relatively (geologically) short period of time. Friedmann doesn’t understand the appearance of sea creatures during this period, and when one of these bat-shit crazies doesn’t understand something – well it must be god then.

The Bible and science are incompatible. One is a static work of fiction (though often twisted to accommodate new knowledge) and one is a tried and true method to generate truth and knowledge. Friedmann should stick to his favourite work of fiction and stay far away from science, for his sake as well as ours.

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  • daisybear

    Although I’m an atheist, I really follow a “live and let live” policy and try to treat all viewpoints with respect. That said, it’s disheartening when someone who should understand science and the scientific method starts throwing out huge suppositions willy-nilly and then treats them like fact.