Religidiot of the Week – Wolf Blitzer

A massive tornado hit a Oklahoma City suburb on Monday afternoon causing tremendous death and destruction. Of course all of the major news agencies were there to cover this story. When stuff like this happens, very often the main angles of the story get saturatated coverage and then the agencies poke into all sorts of weird corners to come up with stories. But the dust hadn’t settled yet when Wolf Blitzer asked this during an interview with one of the victims of the tornado:



Blitzer: “Well you are blessed. Brian your husband is blessed. Anders is blessed.” (If it were me: “Yes, we feel so blessed that the lord could have prevented this storm but chose to have our house, and the houses of our friends and neighbours leveled, and a number of people killed. We feel so so blessed.”)

Blitzer:”I guess you got to thank the lord, right?” “Do you thank the lord?” (If it were me: “Again, I wish to thank the lord for leveling my house and killing my neighbours. You ass!”)

I have to give a lot of props to the woman in the interview – she handled this bonehead much more graciously than I ever could, and much more that he deserved. As for Blitzer, well he gets my vote for Religidiot of the Week.

But really, WTF!!!!!! Is this what passes for reportage on our major news network? Don’t answer that…of course it is…sigh!

What do you think his motivation was for pursuing this line of inquiry? Had he already run out of ideas? Was he pandering to the fundies to get ratings? Was it premeditated? Did he know she was an atheist and was trying to drum up some controversy?

Now let’s imagine if he had asked her something more pertinent to the whole god thing. “Was God an evil bastard for creating this storm that wreaked havoc upon your town and killed all those people?” “He was an evil bastard, wasn’t he?”

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