Miracles, miracles, miracles…sigh!

  1. A true, verified, miracle has happened! In 1999, Luke Burgie, a then 4-year old  had fallen ill with a mysterious illness that doctors could not diagnose or treat.   For months, Luke experienced severe gastrointestinal symptoms and was wasting away.  Then one day, the symptoms just disappeared and Luke returned to full health.  It appears that Luke had divine intervention working for him.  Apparently two nuns had prayed to Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel, founder of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in 1863 in Olpe, Germany, on behalf of the stricken boy, and voilà, Luke was miraculously cured.

The newly minted Pope Francis declared, after much investigation by the Catholic Church, that the recovery was indeed a miracle.  This is the OFFICIAL conclusion of the Catholic Church – not some weird sect, but the OFFICIAL Church!  Apparently there is an office within the Vatican, the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, populated by Vatican ‘scientists’, dedicated to investigating claims of the miraculous.  They follow a rigorous process, evaluating all the available evidence, and when they are stuck for a rational explanation they do what all the fundies do, they give god the shout out.  God-of-the-gaps strikes again.

SO, when we can’t understand something, it must be god working miracles.  Here are some other miracles from my point of view:

  • Adam Sandler’s career
  • The marriage of Michele and Marcus Bachmann
  • The 2-term presidency of George W. Bush

Now let’s examine what happens prior to the  miracle, shall we.  Let’s try to get a glimpse behind the curtain to see what god is up to.  I will take Luke’s case as an example.  Where was god when Luke was contracting whatever ailment that afflicted him?  Since god is all knowing he would have known that Luke would fall prey to an undiagnosable and untreatable illness.  Now what did god do about this?  Well,obviously he let it happen. But why would an all powerful, all knowing god (one who purportedly has infinite love for his little creatures) allow a little child to be subjected to such a condition?   What would a real, honest-to-goodness REAL parent do knowing that their child will fall ill and having the power to prevent it?  I think it is clear that most parents would do whatever they could to prevent their child from falling ill.  But not god, oh no, he is down with letting the child suffer.  Until you pray really, really hard.  If you beg him, please, pretty please, then maybe, just maybe he will bust a miracle on your ass.  What  a dick!

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