Michelle Shocked – Religidiot of the Week

This will be a regular feature of my blog.  I will, each week, highlight a person or group of people that has used their religious beliefs to discriminate or spew hatred towards others who do not share their particular brand of magical thinking.

Here is a clear example of this odious species:

Michelle Shocked Anti-Gay Rant
This is a perfect example of the corruption that ensues from adopting Christinsanity.

For this excellent display, she is my Religidiot of the week.  Of course, this isn’t restricted to born-again Christians as witnessed by this disgusting demonstration of religious zealotry by Cat Stevens.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Oienjf0GK8]

These clear examples of religious idiocy led me to thinking about the impact of these beliefs of the artists on my appreciation of their art.  Does the art stand apart from the creator and so my appreciation remains as before? Should the art stand apart from the creator? I must confess that the views/beliefs of the artists do negatively impact my appreciation of their art.  I don’t get jazzed as much anymore when I hear White Stripes since I saw Jack White state that he has three fathers, including the big dude up in the sky.  More striking for me, I saw David Bowie pray at the end of a tribute film for Freddie Mercury…nooo!!!!…It’s not really a big deal, more akin to a little air being let out of a tire, but measurable nonetheless.  I know, given the prevalence of religious beliefs, that most artists would have some type of belief in the supernatural, but it is still a little disheartening when it comes to my attention.    Of course, Ms. Shocked has taken it to another level (the Cat Stevens stratosphere) with her hateful ideas, and at this level I really have a difficult time continuing to support the artist in any fashion.

Now artists are possessed of all sorts of magical thinking, so it is not quite so shocking to find out that they belief in magical faeries.  However, it is quite shocking when I find out that eminent scientists, trained to be rational thinkers, fall prey to magical thinking.  The prime example of this is Dr. Francis Collins who led the Human Genome Project and is head of the National Institutes of Health.   He is a professed evangelical Christian who believes in a personal god, as he outlined in his book ‘The Language of God’.  From my reading of this book, the defense he musters for his belief is well, you just gotta believe!  He would never think of using this approach in his science.  I cannot imagine when presented with a  manuscript of a scientific discovery that provides no evidence but begs the reviewer just to believe in the what the author writes that he would  give that a pass.  He would immediately dispose of the manuscript into the recycling receptacle.  But ‘give a pass’ is exactly what he does  with regard to the case made for the existence of a personal deity.  Good grief!!!

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